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A Little About Us...

 Klein Distributors Inc., which encompasses the Burlington & Columbus Agway Stores in New Jersey as well as the Mifflin Agway in Mifflin Pa., has been operating stores formerly owned by Agway Inc. since 1994 in New Jersey and since 2000 in Pennsylvania.  KDI tries to operate each store as its own local entity, but we are always able to get products from other stores if necessary.

We are affiliated with no other Agway stores other than Burlington, Columbus & Mifflin, as all Agway Store have been independent of each other for the past 20+ years.

With our totally “live” computer system (plus all those phone calls) we can draw upon the knowledge and experience of any of our employees at any time to help you with a problem or need.  We take great pride in the longevity of our core employees and their vast knowledge. If you call, visit or email our stores you will find our employees have a “can-do” attitude and will try to accommodate your needs pleasantly and efficiently.  Whether you are buying a bag of food for one pet or pricing out a trailer load of salt for a township, school, or business, our people are happy to help you. 

Mifflin Agway makes and ships to all of our stores a private line (Miffin Mill brand) of horse, livestock, chicken, sheep, and goat feed as well as a specialty deer feed (whole corn with molasses,  and now dry apple, a customer favorite!). Many customers will recognize our private River Racer and Horse Sense brands.   From bison to deer to chickens and everything in between, we are able to accommodate your every need!

The Mifflin Mill can make commercial feed to your requirements and has access to several nutritionists and many lines of minerals and supplements.  If you have special needs and can use at least one ton of feed, please let us quote you.  

Delivery of bagged goods is available from all of our stores.  Mifflin Agway has several bulk feed trucks for large feed orders in their area. 

   (Pic is of Beale twp, Juniata County)