Chick Days are here!

Get Ready for Spring!

Onion Sets!

Seed Potatoes!

Kiwanis Club Blueberry Sale!

Fresh NJ Blueberries!

blueberry sale
fresh blueberries
NJ blueberries
blueberries for sale

The Kiwanis Club of Juniata County is holding their annual bluebery sale in our parking lot! Order by June 14th, pickup June 25th 1 pm - 7 pm

Chicks are HERE!


Chick Availability:

Hatched 4/3

Ideal 236 Pullets

Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets

Barred Rock Pullets

Hatched 4/10

Easter Egger Pullets

Assorted Straight Run Ducklings


Bird Seed Club Double the Weight!

Purchase 20 lbs, receive credit for 40 lbs. Purchase 40 lbs, receive credit for 80 lbs etc.

Mifflin Layer Pellets


50 lb bag

*Until 5/26/19*

16% Beef Heifer Pellet


16% Hubbard Layer Pellet


Ivermax Horse Wormer


1.87% Ivermectin

While Supplies Last!

Tomcat All Weather Rodent Block


4 lb Block

While Supplies Last!

Did you know? We have a public certified weigh scale open to the public during store hours!

Bird Feed, Feeders, & Supplies

We have a large selection of Bird Feeders and a wide variety of feeds in several sizes 1 lb - 50 lbs

Need anything bird related?

We have a large selection of Bird Feeders and a wide variety of feeds in several sizes 1 lb - 50 lbs

You will find suet in all shapes and sizes as well

We have select cases of suet for $9.99

You will find suet in all shapes and sizes as well

LAWN & GARDEN SUPPLIES, Fertrell, & Espoma Organics


Fertrell Products

We carry a variety of Fertrel Products but if we don't stock it we will cheerfully order order anything you need.

Find out more!

Lawn & Pasture Grass Seed

We carry a variety of turf seeds including our own Mifflin/Juniata Grass mixture formulated for our area. Special orders can be accommodated. 

Fertilizer, Disease & Pest Control Products

Just some of the Product Lines we stock:

Bonide                         Espoma

Captain Jack

Miracle Gro

Liquid Fence

Havahart Live Traps

Soils & Mulches

Potting Soil                    Cedar Mulch               

Top Soil                          Red Cedar Mulch

Mushroom Soil                Black Cedar       

Cow Manure

Garden Tools

We have a full line of lawn & garden tools including shovels, rakes, & hoes. If you need to trim it, cut it, or move it we have your tool.

Hoses, Nozzles, and gloves in stock.

We have tree wrap and Tomato cages as well.

Fencing & Supplies

Poultry Netting 

Hardware Cloth

Barbed Wire

Electric Fence Wire

Posts & Accessories

Cat & Dog Products

We will special order a specific food if possible



Need Hay or Bedding?


We have hay and several different bedding  options including straw, cedar & wood shavings. Call for volume pricing.


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